The Avaloq developer sandbox is a complete Avaloq Core Banking platform including a dedicated database in a secure cloud environment. 

Once you have onboarded to, you can request your own sandbox and obtain your individual sandbox environment for developing your applications and Banklets using Avaloq Open APIs.

Setup your sandbox: once your sandbox request has been approved, we will send you a notification. You can then setup your sandbox in Go to 2 login > sandbox" and click open sandbox. The browser will open a new window with our sandbox portal. Click "add sandbox" to configure and setup your sandbox. 

choose the name, template and region for your sandbox and click "add sandbox". Then your sandbox will be initialized which currently takes up to 2 hours. You can see the status of your sandbox in the dashboard

Operate the sandbox: click "details" on the right side to see details of your sandbox. Currently you can start, stop or delete a sandbox.

Available functionality:

  1. start: this starts the sandbox and you can start making Open API calls against your sandbox

  2. stop: this will stop the sandbox and Open API call will not be available/executed

  3. delete: this will delete your sandbox. After its deleted you can setup a new sandbox  

Please note: sandboxes are stopped automatically after 24 hours when they are not being used (no JWT token generated).

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