You can request your own sandbox in the portal - so if you don’t have a login, please register at first. 

Once you are logged in, to request your dedicated sandbox, go to the “sandbox” tab, or click on “request a sandbox” on your dashboard in the portal, and fill out the request form. To grant you full access to the sandbox capability, we simply request some information about your company. The sandbox is for free, and filling out the form only takes a few minutes. Once your access has been granted, you will receive a confirmation email and notification in your portal.

In the meantime, feel free to read our Resources page and check out the API documentation and get yourself ready and prepared to start when you get your sandbox access.

Once access has been granted, you can start your sandbox by selecting the sandbox tab in the navigation bar on the left side in the portal. Then click “open sandbox” and the sandbox application will open automatically in a separate window.

When you open the sandbox application for the first time you need to create a sandbox. To this end just go to the sandbox tab in the navigation bar and then click on “add sandbox.” Choose a name and template for your sandbox and confirm by clicking on “add sandbox”. Your personalized sandbox will now be created in the cloud. Once your sandbox is ready you can start the sandbox. Click on “details” to see the sandbox access information necessary to get started.

Note that you can create maximum one sandbox per account.

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