Once you already have your own sandbox access, follow the next steps to starting calling the APIs. If you do not have a sandbox yet, start by requesting your own sandbox. It’s free!

Step 1: Sandbox URL and Authentication

Open your sandbox portal and click on “Sandboxes” in the navigation menu on the left. The following view opens:

Step 2: CURL example of the simplest API call

Enter the URL of your sandbox, without any endpoint yet, plus the access token obtained in Step 1 and run the curl command on your machine. You will receive the following response: Welcome to your sandbox!


Congratulations, you have just made your first call against our sandbox.

Now you can augment the URL sandbox with all the endpoints available in our API documentation and get just the data you want.

Below, we provide you with one more example showing how to get banking customer’s transactions data.

Example: Get transactions data

The following example shows you how to receive the bookings data of a user with the account number 1102000 in the period from May 1st, 2010 till July 1st, 2018.


Again, just enter the URL of your sandbox and the access token from Step 1 into the URL command above and you receive the following response:

That’s it! Now you know how to use our sandbox and we are very excited about seeing your application using it.

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