Onboarding to Avaloq has never been easier. With avaloq.one we have streamlined our processes and simplified the contract handling. As a fintech you can now create, submit and maintain your products in the marketplace and define your appearance as you like. 

Onboarding is very simple. 

Step 1: 

Register and get a login to avaloq.one. Go to avaloq.one and click on "login" on the top right, or press the button "join the ecosystem" and sign up.

Step 2:

Request your own sandbox to integrate and test your product. You will only need to provide some company and contact information. The sandbox is offering a full Avaloq Core Banking platform in the cloud. You can connect and test your product with a set of Avaloq's APIs.

Step 3:

You can create and submit your product to the avaloq.one marketplace. Just following the steps for creating your product.  

Step 4:

After submitting your product we will review it. We have our colleagues from Product Management, Compliance and Partner Management looking at all the information provided. When they need additional info from you to fully understand your company and product, they will get in touch.

Step 5:

We have worked really hard to keep the contract as lean as possible. Once the contract is signed and all roles have approved, your product will be published in the marketplace and you will get notified by the avaloq.one team. 

Step 6: 

Certification. We do not have a certification process available yet, but we are working on it. As soon as we have it ready, we will send you a notification and you can be the first one to get your product certified by Avaloq.

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