Your product name, icon, key features, images, description, screenshots, categorization play an important role in whether customers discover your product and get attracted. With thoughtfully crafted information you can help customers find and engage with your product.

For marketplace and for Avaloq review – two different sections

For marketplace

In the "For marketplace" section we ask for information that is shown to the public on our marketplace. That means that all information you provide here can be seen by logged in users and also visitors who browse the marketplace.

For Avaloq review

In the "For Avaloq review" section we ask for information that will only be used by Avaloq internally to understand your product, company and business letter. The information provided here onwards will not be displayed publicly in the marketplace.

Product name (public)

Choose a short and simple name that is easy to spell and optionally hints what your product does. The maximum length is 80 characters.
Try to avoid names that use generic terms or names that are similar to other products in the marketplace. Do not include your company's name as this will be already set when you fill out your company's details when requesting a sandbox.

Pro tip: Browse through our marketplace and check out products that maybe serve a similar purpose and try to differentiate from them when naming your product.

Product name inside the card on the marketplace overview page

Short description on your product's detail page

Category (public)

Categories help customers to find or discover products that meet their needs. In the future there will be a search filter available on the marketplace overview page.
Choosing too many categories or categories that are not relevant to your product may cause your product to be rejected by Avaloq when submitted for review.

The multi-select drop down menu lets you easily add categories that are instantly displayed on top of the selector. To remove a selected category simply click on the "x" next to the category's label.

Categories on your product's detail page

Key features (public)

Key features give you the ability to highlight your top features in a short and concise way. This helps customers to quickly get an overview on what your product can help them with. You can add up to maximum five key features, each with a maximum length of 120 characters.

To add more than one key feature simply click on the "+" button next to the input field.

Short description (public)

The short description text of your product appears on the marketplace overview page and also on your product's detail page and is up to 300 characters long. Consider this to promote your product with a catchy teaser text and try to mention what it can do.

Short description inside the card on the marketplace overview page

Short description on your product's detail page

Full description (public)

Provide an engaging description that explains the features and functionality of your product. Let potential customers know what makes your product unique and how banks and their clients can benefit when using your product. Communicate in the tone of the fintech business and use terminology your target audience will appreciate and understand.
The first 300 characters are the most important because this is what customers can see without having to click the "READ MORE" button. Every word counts as the maximum length for the full description is 800 characters. If a customer is interested in your product, Avaloq will take care that you have the chance to demo your product and provide all details that are necessary to close the deal. That is what our ecosystem is all about!

Pro tip: Remember that customers who read your text want to get to the point as fast as possible so try to keep your text short and informative.

In the near future you will have the ability to format your full description with basic styles such as "bold" and "paragraphs". Especially paragraphs help you structuring your text visually so that it is easier for the customer to read it.

Persona (public)

Personae are a special filter ability in the marketplace that helps customers find the right product. These are specialized target groups inside a bank and we want to inspire them with the persona feature in the near future. If you don't know exactly what to choose please do not hesitate to contact us via our chat button in the lower right corner.

The multi-select drop down menu lets you easily add personae that are instantly displayed on top of the selector. To remove a selected persona simply click on the "x" next to the persona's label.

Product logo (public)

Your product logo is the first element that will be seen by customers browsing the marketplace. Make sure it is simple and recognizable. We recommend SVG files as they are vector based and resizable without quality loss. A PNG with transparent background is another good choice. If you can't provide one of these file formats you also have the option to upload a JPG. JPGs do not provide transparency therefore it is not the first choice.
Also the resolution of your product logo plays a major role. Please make sure to only upload high quality files that match our recommendations. Otherwise it will end up in a blurry and pixelated representation on our marketplace and may cause your product to be rejected by Avaloq when submitted for review.

Best practices for product logos

High quality logo example – YES

Low quality logo example – NO 

Images (public)

To visually communicate your product's experience you should make use of images e.g.  captured from your product's user interface or charts that showcase the benefits.
We recommend using pictures that are horizontal with a recommended size of 1450 x 960 pixels to ensure highest quality on all screens. Try to avoid slides that include a lot of text. This text will not be indexed and can't be found when customers use the search field to find products that feed their needs. Recommended file formats are PNG and JPG.

Best practices for product images

A good example to present your user interface is to show it on different devices.

Do not use too much text on disturbed backgrounds.

Video (public)

Another option to present the benefits in addition to your product description and images are videos. This can either be a screencast, a marketing video or a product demo.
You have two options to provide videos:

  1. Embed a video from e.g. YouTube, Vimeo, etc. 

  2. Upload your video to our marketplace

If you want to upload a video please make sure that your video file fits our specifications.

Documents (public)

If you want to provide further information for download you can upload PDF documents such as brochures, documentations, etc. These will be available for download for logged in users and visitors that go to your product's detail page.
If you want to provide confidential documents such as white papers you will have the ability to provide these to potential customers when they are interested in your product and contact you via our ecosystem.

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