Login to your avaloq.one portal and go to "my account > settings". Based on where you are in the onboarding process, you will have tabs to review and manage information.

  1. Account. As soon as you have created your account, youll see this tab with your account information. All parameters are set and for review only

  2. Permissions: as soon as you have granted access to a sandbox and have submitted your company information, you can manage permissions to your company account, e.g. invite new users or add existing users

  3. Company: Once you've requested a sandbox, your organization details will be listed here. You will not be able to change anything, but in case you need a change of your company details, please contact us via the intercom button on the bottom right of the browser and let us make the change for you

  4. Contract: When you submit your product for our review, we need to ask you some questions. You can provide your answers here and when you've answered all of them, you can submit them via the "submit" button

  5. Pitch: Once you've requested a sandbox and we provided your details about your organization, you are eligible to pitch your funding request to Avaloq Ventures

  6. Business model: here we provide basic information on our avaloq.one business model.

If one of the tabs is not there, you are not setup as an organisation (permissions, company, pitch, business model tabs) or have not submitted your product (contract tab). 

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